CIMT Travel Awards

In 2019, CIMT will select young scientists from underrepresented countries for travel awards of up to 1000 EUR plus free conference admission to offset meeting-related expenses.

In previous years, travel award winners came from Japan, Argentina, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Israel, Portugal, Czech Republik, Cuba, Chile, Poland, Australia, Finland, India, Egypt, among others.

Travel awards can only be issued to scientists who have submitted an abstract and are registered to attend the meeting.

See the following guidelines to increase your chances of being considered for a travel award:

•   Register for CIMT 2019 and submit your abstract. Should you be selected for a travel award, your registration fee will be reimbursed.
•    As a single PDF document, send us your curriculum vitae, including your name, address, e-mail and cell phone number, institution, earned degrees, current degree program, honors and awards, research experience, and a list of publications and previous presentations. Include a short biographical sketch and description of your scientific interests and goals. Attach a letter from your supervisor providing a recommendation, and a confirmation that the research presented was conducted by you or explaining your specific role in the research presented. Don’t forget to include your abstract title as submitted to CIMT 2019. Send your complete application to, Re: 2019 Travel Award.

Questions? Please contact for more information.